Touch Mattress Hybrid - King

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SKU: TM-Hybrid-King

Our Hybrid King has 899 inner pocket Coils(more than 2x the standard) , High Density Memory Foam,  Cloud and Gel Memory Foam and Woven Fabric that provides more stability and comfort than most brands on the market   


By combining Time Tested, pocketed coil technology, along with the latest in Exotic Memory Foams, and topped with High end, Textile Fabrics, We are finally able to deliver an affordable luxury sleep system to your doorstep.

Introducing The TOUCH Hybrid, IN A BOX.


Traditional Innerspring mattresses are:

FIRM, but UNFORGIVING. Every mattress that has ever been made has been a specific balance of support Structure, and Comfort Layers. Even a little too much, or too little of either, creates an uncomfortable and sometimes unhealthy sleep surface.

RESPONSIVE, but SHAKY- Ideally, Ease of Movement would not equate to Transfer of Motion. Can we have one without the other?  We can.

Then came ALL MEMORY FOAM Mattresses.

 It was- intended to address all the issues present above.

It was- the most supportive and pressure relieving surface on which a person could sleep

It was- the best technology available, for it's time.

But with it's own Draw Backs.

The Quick Sand Effect: Because memory slowly conforms to your bodies' weight and shape, it creates the sensation that you're sinking, adding to the feeling that you are stuck in your mattress. Unable to move.

The Hot Plate Effect:

While sleeping, your mattress is absorbing your body heat. In an all memory foam mattress, that heat has nowhere to go but back up to the sleeper, resulting to a hot, sweaty, sleep surface.

Can we do better.  We Can!

The Touch HYBRID uses all the best available sleep technology in a way that utilizes each material for it's strengths, and neutralizes it's side effects. Here's How:

Support – Our 8 inch individually wrapped coil support system with  899 pocket coils for King, 713 for Queen, 609 for Full and 435 for Twin -topped with HD memory foam plus thick woven fabric to contours your body shape, giving individualized support and rated soft-medium firmness for every sleeper without creating unwanted pressure points

Pressure Relief – We included more than 4 inches of HD, Cloud, and Gel infused Memory Foams to give you a more restorative sleep with less tossing and turning.

Ease of Movement – The Innerspring gives instant response while the Memory foam neutralize Motion Transfer. Allowing even more freedom to adjust without worry of awakening your partner.

Temperature Management – Gel holds a lower ambient temperature than foam. inner spring support systems offer superior ventilation. Our Gel infused memory foam surface will start off cooler, and stay cool longer, allowing you awake feeling rested and refreshed.



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